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Italy is a synonym of  culture, art and history.

Artistic wonders can be found everywhere, and every corner of the country holds countless and wonderful surprises. Our itineraries are detached from ordinary, to let our guests discover the endless heritage and the magic atmosphere of Italian art cities. They include masterpieces of great beauty and importance as well as hidden treasures less-known to the public.

Thousands of monuments, museums, castles, churches, gardens, archeological sites witness the long history and the many civilizations that passed across the country, modelling landscapes of breathtaking beauty.

Cultural activities as exhibitions, theatre performances, music recital and festivals, folklore festivities show a lively culture that really deserve an experience.

Museums and exhibitions can also be prestigious venues for successful events. We propose art and cultural locations where to organise deluxe events combining exclusive visits, meetings facilities, cocktails and dinners, catalogues and merchandising as corporate gifts.

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