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Agricultural tourism

Our experience and network of contacts in the agribusiness sectors allows to offer high-quality tailor made agricultural tours, technical programs, and conferences. After studying the specific requirements of each group in order to select the best territories and sites to visit, we manage and coordinate all the tour: tourist and logistic service , organization of the technical visits,  seminars and lectures, leisure moments and tourist highlights.

Agricultural tours can focus on one or many topics:


Technical visits to plantations and farms all over Italy, featuring traditional, experimental or organic crops. Focus can be over vineyards, fruit trees and flowers, rice, crops…


Breeding of cows, sheeps, pigs, horses is spread all over Italy, but each region features typical and sometimes indigenous breeds and different farming contexts and techniques

Research and development

We cooperate with a variety of research centres, public and private research laboratories, universities, sector or territorial clusters focused on innovation in the agro-food sector,  development and cooperation.


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Brazilian Agriculture Company  – Study visit Northern Italy

UK Farming Professionals Study Tour in Tuscany