UK Farming Professionals Study Tour


German Pharmaceutical Company – Event in Franciacorta and Iseo Lake
International ICT company Fiscal year kick off
Dutch Metal Industry Association – Study visit to Bergamo
Brazilian Agriculture Company  – Study visit Northern Italy
Polish insurance – Driving experience incentive
Brazilian car company – Sales incentive in Milan
UK Farming Professionals Study Tour in Tuscany
Chinese Tv tour in Lombardy for Expo 2015
Bernina Train Incentive
German Textile Company – Gala Dinner in Milan

English Group of Farming Professionals
Study visit to cattle farms
35 participants
5 days in May 2013

Organization of a study tour in Italy for a group of professionals involved in farming. The tour featured some tourism attractions (Roma, Florence, Pisa) and some technical visits to different kind of farms. Together with representatives of local farmers associations they visited some farms,  cattle farms and farmhouses specialized in typical agricultural and breeding: Cinta Senese pigs, Chianina cows, Horses, Sheeps, olives, cereal plantations, wineyards and a Medieval Castle surrounded by farmland belonging to the castle since ancient times and today managed in a sustainable way.

Each visit featured meeting with farm staff, technical visit and tasting of dairyproducts (wine, cheese, ham etc.)